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Excellence in QUAlitative research in Trials (EQUATe) group

The EQUATe group is an informal forum for health researchers who are using qualitative methodology in relation to randomised controlled trials in applied health contexts. The group is a collaboration between NIHR CLAHRC West BRTCConDuCT-II and QuinteT based in Bristol Medical School, but is open to all qualitative researchers working in trials from across the university. 

The EQUATe group draws together researchers with expertise in a range of innovative qualitative methods that: 

  • Inform intervention development and refinement 

  • Optimise trial design and recruitment  

  • Examine the social or behavioural processes in relation to trial/intervention delivery and participation 

  • Support more effective implementation of healthcare innovation. 

Group aims 

Following discussion at our inaugural meeting, the group agreed the following key aims: 

  • To raise awareness and understanding of qualitative research in trials 

  • To establish a network of qualitative researchers with expertise in trials across the university   

  • To be an informal forum to present findings and learn from others’ expertise  

  • To provide peer-to-peer teaching on innovative qualitative methodsspecialist traininglatest guidelines and other relevant initiatives 

  • To raise awareness of members' research interests, skills and goals to develop potential for teaching, funding and collaboration 

Group Meetings 

We are always happy to welcome new members, and topics/speakers for discussion at our meetings. If you would like to present or discuss something at our next meeting please contact the group conveners, Jeremy HorwoodNicola Mills,  Eileen Sutton or Julia Wade

To be invited to future EQUATe meetings, University of Bristol staff and postgraduate students can subscribe to our grp-brms-equate outlook group. To subscribe, go to groups in Outlook, right click and selected browse/discover groups, search for grp-brms-equate and click join.


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