About the TSU

The Clinical Guidelines Technical Support Unit (TSU) is based within the Multi-Parameter Evidence Synthesis group in the Department of Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School. It was established in 2011 to support the NICE Clinical Guidelines Programme and is funded through The NICE Centre for Clinical Practice until 2016. The TSU assists guideline developers (National Collaborating Centres - NCCs; Internal Clinical Guidelines – ICGs) and the Institute’s technical team in meeting the needs of the clinical Guideline Development Groups by supporting guideline developers in their work and developing methods to aid NICE clinical guideline production.

The TSU provides technical support to guideline developers and assists them with advanced evidence syntheses and complex economic analyses. A list of published clinical guidelines we have been involved in is available here.

The TSU also delivers bespoke technical training to improve the technical knowledge of NICE guideline developers. We have delivered training on Network meta-analysis (mixed treatment comparisons), synthesis of evidence on diagnostic tests, expert elicitation, methods for service delivery guidelines, and simulation methods. We continue to develop workshops and short courses to meet the needs of NICE guideline developers.

The TSU has also conducted research projects on methodological or process issues in guideline development. Selected reports and papers from some of these projects are available here.

The TSU consists of staff in Bristol and in external collaborating centres. In Bristol, the TSU is staffed by Dr Sofia Dias (Director and Senior Lead), Professor Nicky Welton (Deputy Director), Professor Tony Ades (Strategic Support), Edna Keeney (Health Economics Consultant), and Caitlin Daly (Scientific Coordinator and Statistician).

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