Guideline Contributions

The TSU has contributed to the following guidelines (available from NICE):

Cystic fibrosis (NG78, 2017)

Endometriosis (NG73, 2017)

Parkinson’s disease in adults (NG71, 2017)

Eating Disorders (NG69, 2017)

Spondyloarthritis in over 16s (NG65, 2017)

Type 2 diabetes in adults (NG28, 2015)

Preterm labour and birth (NG25, 2015)

Headaches (CG150 Update, 2015)

Type 2 Diabetes in adults (Update, 2015)

Menopause (NG23, 2015)

Type 1 Diabetes (NG17, 2015)

Atrial Fibrillation (CG180, 2014)

Bipolar Disorder (CG185, 2014)

Urinary Incontinence in women (CG171, 2013)

Social Anxiety Disorder (CG159, 2013)

Neuropathic Pain (CG173, 2013)

Crohn’s Disease (CG152, 2012)

Acute upper GI bleeding (CG141, 2012)

Advanced or metastatic Colorectal Cancer (CG131, 2011)

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