NICE Guidelines Technical Support Unit (TSU)

The NICE Guidelines Technical Support Unit (TSU) is based within the Multi-Parameter Evidence Synthesis (MPES) group in the School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol. It began in 2011 and is funded through The NICE Centre for Guidelines until 2018.

The purpose of the TSU is three-fold:

The TSU consists of staff in Bristol and in external collaborating centres: Centre for Health Economics, University of York (Professor Mark Sculpher); the School of Health Related Research; University of Sheffield (Dr Sarah Davies, Professor Allan Wailoo) and the Department of Health Sciences, University of Leicester (Professor Keith Abrams).

In Bristol, the TSU is staffed by Dr Sofia Dias (Director), Dr Nicky Welton (Deputy Director), Edna Keeney (Scientific coordinator) and Professor Tony Ades (Senior Advisor).

Recent work of the TSU

Phillippo D, et al "Sensitivity of treatment decisions to bias adjustment in network meta-analysis (PDF, 2,962kB)"
Oral presentation at the 16th Biennial European Conference of the Society for Medical Decision Making, London, UK June 12 - June 14, 2016 

The TSU has contributed to the following guidelines (available from NICE):

Preterm labour and birth (2015)

Headaches (CG150 Update, 2015)

Type 2 Diabetes in adults (Update, 2015)

Menopause (NG23, 2015)

Type 1 Diabetes (NG17, 2015)

Atrial Fibrillation (CG180, 2014)

Bipolar Disorder (CG185, 2014)

Urinary Incontinence in women (CG171, 2013)

Social Anxiety Disorder (CG159, 2013)

Neuropathic Pain (CG173, 2013)

Crohn’s Disease (CG152, 2012)

Acute upper GI bleeding (CG141, 2012)

Advanced or metastatic Colorectal Cancer (CG131, 2011)

The TSU has delivered workshops on Network Meta-analysis; training on Methods for Diagnostic Synthesis, and methods for Guidelines involving Service Delivery.

For further information on courses see MPES courses and SSCM courses.