Course programme

Sessions will include:

  • Introduction to indirect and mixed treatment comparisons
  • Introduction to Bayesian Inference and WinBUGS
  • Bayesian approaches to meta-analysis
  • Heterogeneity and meta-regression
  • Model critique and evidence consistency in random effects meta-analysis
  • Mixed treatment comparisons
  • Interfacing NMA with economic decision models
  • MTC: other outcome measures and multi-arm trials
  • R2WinBUGS (optional)
  • Inconsistency: methods and implications
  • MTC checklist
  • Including covariates in an MTC framework
  • Multiple outcomes with MTC

Registration will start at 8.30am on the first day. The course will finish by 3.30pm on the final day.

Important: Delegates must bring their own laptop PCs downloaded with WinBUGS 1.4.3 software and must have registered and decoded the key. Please follow the instructions for installation carefully, in particular, ensure that the patch is installed before the key is loaded. To check that you are running version 1.4.3 go to Help_About WinBUGS. Delegates will also need calculators or spreadsheet software for some of the course exercises.

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