Centre for Research Synthesis and Decision Analysis


The Centre for Research Synthesis and Decision Analysis (CReSyDA) brings together groups with substantial expertise and ongoing research programmes in conducting systematic reviews of randomised trials and other study designs, multi-parameter evidence synthesis, economic evaluation, and decision analysis, within the Bristol Medical School: Population Health Sciences.

The Centre has strong links with Cochrane and the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) Decision Support Unit (DSU), and is home to the NICE Clinical Guidelines Technical Support Unit (CGTSU).

CReSyDA’s combined expertise provides extensive opportunities for development of new research proposals. Both commissioned and response-mode funding from the NIHR Health Technology Assessment programme increasingly require systematic review, evidence synthesis, cost-effectiveness analysis, and sometimes a value of information analysis to justify investment in further research.

Constituent research groups

Short courses

The Multi-Parmareter Evidence Synthesis Research Group run, together with colleagues from Leicester University, a 3-day course on Indirect and Mixed Treatment comparisons and a 5-day course on Evidence Synthesis for Decision Modelling.

CReSyDA contributes to the School of Social and Community Medicine's short course programme a 4-day course Introduction to Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis, a 2-day course Introduction to Network Meta-Analysis and (from 2018) a 2-day course Introduction to Bayesian Analysis Using WinBUGS. Staff also contribute to the 3-day course Introduction to Economic Evaluation.

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