Integrated Quantum Photonics

Quantum technologies based on photons will likely require an integrated optics architecture for improved performance, miniaturization and scalability. We demonstrate high-fidelity silica-on-silicon integrated optical realizations of key quantum photonic circuits, including two-photon quantum interference with a visibility of 94.8%; a controlled-NOT gate with an average logical basis fidelity of 94.3%; and a path entangled state of two photons with fidelity >92%. These results show that it is possible to directly "write" sophisticated photonic quantum circuits onto a silicon chip, which will be of benefit to future quantum technologies based on photons, including information processing, communication, metrology and lithography, as well as the fundamental science of quantum optics.

Drawing of two silica waveguides in a block of silicon showing the region were the photons interact when the waveguides come together.
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