Quantum in the Cloud

Welcome to Quantum in the Cloud. This is a project which aims to provide resources for anybody interested in quantum technologies.  In particular those who want to have some practical experience of using and manipulating information using quantum computers.

We believe that people find quantum physics difficult to grasp because it is not intuitive – quantum systems behave in ways that are not seen in our normal day to day lives. We can’t change quantum mechanics but we can at least try to change intuition. By using these resources we hope that phenomena like superposition and entanglement become real and tangible.

We hope you enjoy learning about quantum phenomena and trying out different experiments on our simulator to create and exploit them. When you have fine-tuned your experiment on the simulator you can run the test on our real quantum processor so you can compare the results.

The quantum processor chip that we have developed is in our lab here in Bristol and we continue to work on it, so it is very much at the cutting edge of science. We are continuously learning as well, so please visit us regularly as we add more information, improve the site and bring the next generation quantum processors on-line.

Quantum Computer

Use our simulator now to explore quantum physics. Registration is not required to use the simulator.

From the 27th of September 2013 you will also be able to access to the world’s first open-access quantum processor. In order to gain access to the real process you must register.

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