Virtual BQIT:21 programme

Our programme is available for download at this link: Virtual BQIT:21 programme (PDF, 5,038kB)

Please note that all times/sessions are subject to change. All times given are in British Summer Time (BST).

A full programme for this year's BQIT workshop will be available soon.

BQIT:21 Tutorial Day (23 April)


Session One


Session Two

(13.30PM BST)

Session Three


Tutorial Day (23rd April)  

Artur Ekert (University of Oxford)

Quantum Cryptography



Fabio Sciarrino (Sapienza Università di Roma)

Integrated Optics



Robert Raussendorf (University of British Columbia)

Measurement-Based Quantum Computation


BQIT:21 Workshop (26-28 April)

 Day One (26th April) Day Two (27th April) Day Three (28th April)

Session One


Eric Cavalcanti (Griffith University)

Antonio Acin (ICFO)

Ramón Ramos (ICFO)

Sarah Croke (University of Glasgow)

Andres Ducuara (University of Bristol)

Vatshal Srivastav (Heriot-Watt University)

Sponsor Demo: Angstrom Engineering

Dominic Horsman (Universite Grenoble Alpes)

Niccolo Somaschi (Quandela)

Stefano Valle (University of Bristol)

Vindhya Prakash (ICFO)

Ankur Khurana (University of Bristol)

Sara El Gaily (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Sponsor Demo: Quantum Technologies Innovation Centre (QTIC)


Pieter Kok (University of Sheffield)



Session Two

(12.30PM BST)

Philip Dolan (NPL)

Peter Lodahl (Niels Bohr Institute)

Joe Smith (University of Bristol)

Marco Liscidini (University of Pavia)

Kartik Srinivasan (NIST & University of Maryland)

Duarte Magano (Instituto de Telecomunicações, Instituto Superior Técnico)

Sponsor Demo: IDQuantique


Caroline Clark (KETS)

Lia Li (UCL)

Winston Morgan (University of East London)

Jo O'Leary (UKRI)

David Palmer (University of Kent/Mind Bexley)

Han-Sen Zhong (University of Science and Technology of China)

Ulrik Lund Andersen (DTU)

Valentina Parigi (Sorbonne University)

Oliver Thomas (University of Bristol)

Nicolás Quesada (Xanadu)

Joe Randall (TU Delft)

Sponsor Demo: European Physical Journal (EPJ)

Session Three


Aurora Maccarone (Heriot-Watt University)

Elke Neu (University of Kaiserslautern)

Fred Daum (Raytheon)

Agustina Gabriela Magnoni (Laboratorio de Óptica Cuántica, DEILAP UNIDEF (CITEDEF-CONICET))

Sponsor Demo: Ligentec


Eleni Diamanti (CNRS & Sorbonne University)

Stefanie Barz (University of Stuttgart)

Antia Lamas Linares (AWS)

Beatrice Da Lio (Copenhagen University)

Naomi Solomons (University of Bristol)

Elliott Hastings (University of Bristol)

Sponsor Demo: QuiX

Sponsor Demo: Zurich Instruments

Samuel Gyger (KTH Stockholm)

Caterina Vigliar (University of Bristol)

Kevin Weatherill (Durham University)

Patty Lee (Honeywell Quantum Solutions)

Galan Moody (UC Santa Barbara)

Wolfram Pernice (WWU Muenster)

Virtual BQIT:21 programme

Click to download (please note that all sessions are in BST - British Summer Time): Virtual BQIT:21 programme (PDF, 5,038kB)

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