Leaving NSQI

Cleaning labs

Please check the Physics guidelines for cleaning labs (PDF, 109kB)‌ for cleaning labs before you begin. 

Lab clearance

  • All chemicals or other potentially hazardous material and equipment not accompanying you must be disposed of properly. Later users of a laboratory should never be left with a legacy of abandoned and potentially hazardous material or faulty/unusable equipment. 

  • All work areas should be left clean and tidy. 

  • If chemicals/samples are to be saved, then responsibility for them can be transferred to another person currently working in the NSQI who is willing to accept the responsibility and who has indicated such willingness in writing. If no such person can be found, dispose of the material in the proper way. 

  • Further information on waste disposal routes can be found in the waste management guide

  • Ensure that all containers of chemicals/particles/bio samples/cultures are properly labelled with their name (not just a sample code) and are securely closed. 

  • Empty, clean and, if necessary, return to the Prep areas all beakers, flasks and other glassware. 

  • Check and, if necessary, clean refrigerators, freezers, fume hoods and bench tops as well as cupboards for chemicals/particles/samples. Give particular attention to shared storage areas. 

  • Remove from the laboratory and dispose of safely all unwanted or obsolete equipment. For larger pieces, obtain the advice and help of the Lab Manager. Do not transfer refrigerators and freezers directly to waste without the removal of refrigerants and for other equipment contaminating material, eg. oil. 

  • Clean and decontaminate any equipment that is to be left (glassware, vacuum lines, exhaust lines, pump oil, filters, centrifuges, IR, UV etc). Supply custom built equipment with precise operating instructions and an operating risk assessment. 

  • Return gas cylinders to the Gas Store. 

  • You must inform your Research Supervisor and the Physics Technical Team when the laboratory has been cleared and record his/her approval.

Office clearance

  • Ensure that any office space that has been used by you whilst working in the NSQI is cleared of all personal belongings, books, papers etc. Desks should be left clean and tidy. 
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