South West Fly meetings

The South West Fly Meeting is a Genetics Society national Special Interest Group run by Dr James Hodge at the Biomedical Sciences Building, University of Bristol.  These meetings are for all people interested in Drosophila research but who may be due to geographical, time and financial constraints cannot attend the London Fly Meetings. The meetings are regular, informal and consist of research focused seminars given by the scientists who conducted the research, therefore early career scientists are encouraged to present as well as a 50:50 gender split of speakers. Between talks we break for refreshments that allow open discussion of the research presented as well as the sharing of fly stocks, reagents, techniques and best practice. This policy of sharing is further facilitated by an email list of over thirty attending Drosophila research groups. We are always encouraging new members to join us, and the Genetics Society, especially those new to Drosophila research, who maybe want to start a fly collaboration or perform their first fly experiment. Therefore this group promotes the mandate of the National Centre for Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of protected animals in research. We aim to facilitate future collaborations, grant applications, teaching and public engagement opportunities involving Drosophila thereby promoting cutting edge genetics and model organism research in this country. 

Who should attend?

A regular, informal and research focused seminar series allows early career and independent researchers alike to share their research, fly stocks, reagents and techniques.

Find out what happened at the latest meetings here.

South West Fly Meeting Schedule 2018-2019


Wednesday 8 May

Venue: Aims 2A/B,

1:30-2pm Lunch

2-230pm “” Karolina J. Jaworek, Ph.D. Research Associate Wakefield Lab Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter

2:30-3pm “” Shamik DasGupta Oxford University Memory/sleep

3-330pm “” Dr Joaquín de Navascués (Cardiff University)

3:30-4pm Tea and Coffee

4-430pm Chris Baxter (Dr Benjamin Housden lab University of Exeter)

430-5pm “A structure-activity relationship of cryptochrome mediated magnetoreception” Dr Adam Bradlaugh (Prof Richard Baines)

Open discussion, pizza and drinks followed by Robin Hood pub


Please email if you would like to join the South West Fly meeting group and if you would like to speak at the meeting.

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