‌Nursery fees From November 2020


age groupweeklyweekly(long)dailydaily(long) [1]session [2]session and lunch [3]
3-5 years £184.50 £226.78 £39.96 £48.77 £18.16 £27.20
2-3 years £187.20 £229.99 £40.50 £49.46 £18.56 £27.70
1-2 years £206.55 £251.19 £44.28 £54.02 £20.64 £30.30
0-1 year £206.55 £251.19 £44.28 £54.02 £20.64 £30.30


age groupweeklyweekly(long)dailydaily(long) [1]session [2]session and lunch [3]
3-5 years £229.05 £276.58 £48.96 £59.48 £22.72 £32.90
2-3 years £229.95 £280.77 £49.68 £60.38 £23.20 £33.50
1-2 years £252.90 £306.78 £54.27 £65.98 £25.88 £36.85
0-1 year £252.90 £306.78 £54.27 £65.98 £25.88 £36.85


age groupweeklyweekly(long)dailydaily(long) [1]session [2]session and lunch [3]
3-5 years £279.90 £331.96 £58.77 £71.39 £28.32 £39.90
2-3 years £284.40 £337.47 £59.58 £72.58 £29.32 £41.15
1-2 years £303.30 £366.91 £65.07 £78.91 £31.56 £43.95
0-1 year £303.30 £366.91 £65.07 £78.91 £31.56 £43.95

[1] Daily(Long): 8am to 6pm including snacks at the beginning and end of the day.

[2] Half-day sessions without lunch: 8.30 am to 12.30 pm, or 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm

[3] Half-day sessions with lunch: 8.30 am to 1.30 pm, or 12.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Fees are calculated over one year (April to March) taking in to account Nursery closure days and the retainer.

Childcare vouchers are accepted. Members of staff paid through the University of Bristol payroll system may opt to pay directly from their salary through a salary sacrifice scheme. Parents not paying through salary sacrifice will be issued with an invoice which must be paid by the first of each month (or the previous Friday if the 1st falls at the weekend) or within 10 days of the issue date of the invoice. Regardless of payment method an invoice will be issued for the first month's fees. Please contact the Nursery Manager for more details.


On acceptance of an offer of a place at the nursery, a deposit equivalent to four weeks' attendance is payable. This does not constitute the first month's fees. The deposit is returned when the child leaves the nursery provided that 8 weeks notice is given.

Note: It is expected that the children who will be attending school each September will not attend Nursery following the August Bank Holiday. If you require a place for your child following the Bank Holiday please make the request to the Nursery Manager as early as possible.

The retainer

The retainer allows a child's place to be retained for a period of time at 50% fees whilst the child is absent. This allows you to take your child out of nursery for holidays etc. whilst only paying half normal fees. For University staff or the general public this period is 4 weeks per year, pro rata; for example, if your child attends the nursery for 2 days a week then you will have the use of 8 days charged at 50% (2 days x 4 weeks). For postgraduates studying at the University the period is 6 weeks pro rata. This runs from May to April.

All undergraduate students, regardless of their course, will be expected to take their child out of nursery during university vacation times, as shown on the University web site. If you require your child to attend nursery during any of the vacation dates please inform the nursery giving at least four weeks notice. Any holiday taken during term time will be charged at the normal rate.

Use of the retainer must be applied for 28 days in advance by filling in the ‌Change of use/Holiday form (Office document, 60kB) form and returning it to a nursery via email or post. If parents pay through the University payroll system the retainer is calculated into the annual fees. Any unused retainer is then charged at the end of the year via invoice.