Safe Drop off and pick up areas



Please  use the authorised  spaces indicated by the yellow marks in the photos below.

THE pay and display spaces which are  30 minutes free but you MUST obtain a ticket from the machine located at the top or bottom of St Micheals Park Road 

OR the University car parks indicated on the map below which you can use at your own risk but please be aware to not block others in.

Please display a Nursery badge in the front of your vehicle. You can ask a member of staff for one of these.

Double yellows and the yellow boxed area opposite the nursery are NOT acceptable stopping areas for ANY length of time so please always have in mind the importance of the safety of your Children, Parents, Carers, Staff and members of the public and DO NOT STOP in these areas.

*Please be aware the Nursery is not responsible or liable for any tickets, fines or damage incurred*