Special activities

 We are always trying to introduce the children to new activities and experiences. So, included in our sessions are a number of special activities.

Music go round

Music Go Round provides wonderful, fun and exciting music classes within a structured and progressive programme.

The Babies and Toddlers join a member of the Music go round teachers once a week to have fun with music.

The Big Act

This is a fun drama based programme for children from 2 years to eight years old. 

The Cubs and Lions join a member of the The Big Act team once a week for a session of fun and drama.

Learning French

The Lions have the opportunity to learn French once a week through singing, play and conversation.

Learning Spanish

The Lions have the opportunity to learn Spanish once a week through singing, play and conversation.

Outings to the park

We regularly visit Royal Fort Gardens for some extra space for a game of football or just a run around! The children are accompanied at all times by members of staff and wear high visibility vests during these outings. More information about safety during our trips is available in the policies and procedures section.

Special visits

Occasionally the Nursery has special visitors. Recently, we were visited by ZooLab. The children had the opportunity to get close to a range of animals both exotic and domestic! We are always looking for new ideas and experiences for the children and welcome any suggestions for future visitors.

Parents… we need you!

Parents who have some spare time are welcome in the nursery during the nursery day, to help a small group of children with a specific activity such as woodwork, cooking or clay. We are also really interested in encouraging the children to experience other languages and cultures. Could you spare an hour to talk to the children about your culture? Please contact the Nursery Manager with ideas and offers of help.