The Lion room

The Lion room

In the Lion room we continue to build on your child's development through the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).  We build on the children’s existing skills and interests and on their play activities. The children are encouraged to become more independent through planning and choosing what they would like to do and also being responsible for tidying that activity. This encourages freedom of choice and decision making in later life!


They have access to a wide range of toys including construction, role play, small world and many others to cover the EYFS. In addition, the Lions have access to a computer with which they can play age-appropriate learning activities and games. Once a week the children have a French and Spanish lessons ( currently suspended due to COVID). On a Thursday  we have  TheBigAct.

They have regular access to the outside area where they make great use of the climbing frame and slide as well as other toys including bikes and large scale construction.


The older Lion children do pre-school activities to help prepare them for the transition to primary school.

During these sessions the children will be provided with the knowledge and tools to help keep themselves safe in the wider community through use of  the NSPCC 'Pants' resources.

We base our activities around topics related to the children’s interests that cover many aspects of the early years foundation stage. The fruits of the children's labours are displayed on the walls!