The Baby Room

The baby room   ‌   

The baby room is a calm and relaxing room and accommodates up to 12 babies (from 3 months).

Settling in 

Before starting each child visits the nursery with a parent so that both parent and child feel happy about joining the Nursery. The number of these settling in visits depends upon the individual child, we offer a minimum of three visits, four is ideal. Each child is settled in by their key person. The first visit is about getting to know everyone. You will be able to discuss your childs routine, for example what comforters does s/he use, how does s/he prefer her/his milk (heated, not heated), etc. The second visit is more about your child gaining confidence in the room and bonding with their key person. By the third visit we hope that your child can separate with ease and have a play while you wait. If they are struggling, we can offer more visits. We offer the the option of your child starting nursery a week before you are due to officially start (or go back to work), we suggest that they attend half day sessions to help with the transition of starting nursery. There are lots of different options which we can discuss with you.


Each day the room is set out with various toys and natural resources. We have treasure baskets, building blocks, shape sorters, balls, musical instruments, activity arches, books, etc. All are safety checked for this age group. They all stimulate the children's sensory explorations. The children also have the opportunity to join in various activities, e.g. wet sand, water play, painting and messy play, all under close supervision.  The Baby room now has its own small patio garden which is used daily and in good weather can be used for free flow exploration. Also, weather permitting the children are taken out to play in our garden or they might go for a walk to the local park. We often go to the Royal Fort Gardens, which are very close by.

Sleeping and nappy changing routine

At sleeptime the sensory room (within the babyroom) is transformed into a tranquil area and mats, coracles and a basket provide a cosy place to rest.  Each child has their own bottom sheet and blanket. Children are checked every 10 minutes while sleeping.

Nappy changing takes place in the main room. We ask you to supply nappies for your child and any cream, we have the rest. 


For the younger babies parents bring pre-measured formula powder and clean bottles, clearly labeled with the baby's name. The bottles will be made using the prep machine ensuring correct temperature. Breast fed babies milk can be brought in frozen in a cool bag and will be defrosted and warmed using a bottle warmer when needed. Feeds are given to the babies in our comfortable arm chair. The older babies have snack time, milk and fruit provided by the nursery. Lunch varies for each baby. The food is provided at the correct consistency depending on the stage of weaning. Everything is sterilised for our younger babies. Usually by the time the babies are 1 year old appropriate nursery lunches are provided.