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How do you build a house on Mars?

Martian house graphic recording

A graphic recording from the meeting

17 May 2018

A group of academics from across the university are working with artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent to share ideas on how to build a Martian house.

Experimental Psychologists, Historians and Botanists mingled with Engineers and Earth Scientists at meeting this week. Their mission was to seriously consider the technical, social, psychological and philosophical questions about how humans might survive and thrive on Mars.

Artists Ella Good and Nicki Kent have been taking inspiration from existing research facilities, such as the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, USA. Hugh Broughton Architects who designed the Halley VI British Antarctic Research Station were represented at the meeting.

Terraforming, wellbeing, VR, and zero waste living were just a few of the ideas discussed by the diverse group of experts. The session was hosted by Dr Lucy Berthoud a Senior Teaching Fellow in Space Systems who’s worked on interplanetary spacecraft missions to Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon and comets. The event was funded by the University’s Brigstow Institute which brings researchers from different disciplines together with partners across Bristol and beyond to experiment in new ways of living and being.


The event this week just scratched the surface, our academics will continue to work with Ella and Nicki to explore their ideas. There will also be some public workshops in the autumn where anyone will be welcome to come and share their thoughts.

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