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University research underpins pursuit of resilience in banking sector

2 February 2016

Dr Evarist Stoja, Reader in Finance in the University of Bristol’s Department of Accounting and Finance, has collaborated with colleagues in the Bank of England to publish an article on how banks fare in stressful macroeconomic conditions.

During a six-month tenure as a Houblon-Norman Fellow at the Bank of EnglandDr Stoja carried out research on the co-dynamics of extreme events, working closely with researchers and policymakers on several areas of financial risk including banking crises.

One of his research projects with colleagues from the Stress Testing Strategy Division of the Bank of England highlights the importance of disclosing ‘stress test scenarios’ – a topic overlooked in the literature until now.

Following recommendations by the Bank’s Financial Policy Committee in 2013, the UK banking system has been developing the so-called ‘stress test scenario’ – a framework used by regulators to assess the resilience of UK banks and building societies in deteriorating global economic conditions.

Dr Stoja’s research, published as a Bank Underground article, argues that disclosure of the stress test scenario can be as important as – if not more important than – the disclosure of the results of applying such tests. This information can provide vital information to investors when examining the health of systemically important banks, and allows them to anticipate the results of stress tests.

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