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Towards greener ICT

20 October 2015

The University of Bristol is leading the way to a greener computing future by bringing together academics and industry to share research and to develop a common vision on lowering energy consumption in Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs).

Researchers from the University’s Departments of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering hosted a three-day conference in September 2015, which aimed to set the European Strategic Research Agenda for a more energy efficient ICT sector.  The event was attended by a wide range of experts working on different aspects of computing; from fundamental physics, devices and energy harvesting, to embedded systems, computing hardware, software, data centres and high-performance computing.
‘Our research on energy transparency aims to make the energy consumption of computing visible throughout the various layers in the system stack,’ said Dr Kerstin Eder, head of the Energy Aware COmputing (EACO) Research initiative at Bristol. ‘This allows us to develop new ways of predicting energy use, guaranteeing battery life and optimising energy efficiency of both software and hardware.’
‘At Bristol, we focus on research into energy aware software but for a more energy efficient sector overall, it’s critical that we collaborate across all areas, from Nanoscale Devices to Exascale Computing.’ 

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