Friends and supporters

Bristol Neuroscience has and continues to build strong relationships with organisations both within and beyond the University of Bristol. We very much welcome opportunities to further these links and expand on them; please get in touch if you wish to ask about working alongside BN to, for example, promote and improve impact of research outcomes, achieve higher clinical excellence, or engage more fully with the general public. 

Funded postgaduate degrees

Research could not be pursued without funding from a variety of sources including UK Research & Innovation, charities such as Alzheimer's Research UK, and the National Institute for Health Research

The University of Bristol boasts a number of fully-funded PhD programmes including:

Recent donations

Giving to support Bristol Neuroscience research

BN is very grateful to the charities, companies, funding organisations and individuals who support our work, enabling BN to run activities and initiatives to advance neuroscience research. If you are intersted in supporting this research, please contact the Alumni and Development Office or give now

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