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The Artificial Minds Reading Group will begin on Wednesday 19th October at 3pm in the philosophy library in the Philosophy Department in Cotham House. The group will meet every week at this time and place to discuss a wide range of philosophical issues associated with recent developments in artificial intelligence, robotics, technological neural enhancements, machine learning, virtual reality and more. We plan to discuss papers (and films, lectures etc.) on a range of different issues, potentially including (but certainly not finalised or limited to)…

  • What is artificial intelligence? Have we already created it?
  • What is artificial consciousness? Is it possible?
  • Is the brain a computer?
  • Should we let intelligent machines make morally significant decision? If so, how should they do so?
  • Should machines ever be given rights? If so when and why?
  • Are we already cyborgs? Where should we draw the lines between animal, cyborg and machine?
  • To what extent is technological neural enhancement morally acceptable? What is the legal status of cyborgs?
  • Can machines create works of art? Can AI make aesthetic judgements?
  • What can robotics tell us about the role of the body in shaping the mind?
  • What does swarm robotics tell us about the nature of organisms?
  • What are the political implications of increased automisation, particularly given advances in machine learning?
  • Is virtual reality just a sophisticated illusion?
  • How will augmented reality affect human minds?

People from any discipline with interests in these areas are very welcome to attend. If you have any questions please email

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