MA Composition for Film and Television: portfolio requirements

A strong portfolio will include:

  • Compositions for acoustic forces, showing good control of instrumentation, "classical" in the broadest sense. These should be presented in printed score and, if possible, with recordings of live performances. A MIDI realisation may be substituted if a live recording is not available;
  • Pieces realised in the studio, rock / pop / jazz / electro-acoustic etc.

A portfolio with a different balance may also be acceptable. Our programme includes options for students to play to their strengths and fill in the gaps in their training. If you already have made music to picture, include a short film or excerpt. Send your best work: quality, not quantity. Typically not more than four pieces and 15 minutes total playing time.

How to present your media and scores

Media recordings may be presented as one or more of the following:

  • A YouTube link
  • A USB stick

Please note that we can no longer accept CD/DVDs.

Please be advised that;

  • Submitted materials will NOT be returned unless you include a stamped self-addressed envelope, or arrange for collection.
  • You should never send unique or top copies.
  • You should package your materials carefully for mailing. Damaged materials will lead to delay in processing your application.

Where to send you portfolio

Send the materials by post to Room b.17, Postgraduate Admissions in the Faculty of Arts, 3-5 Woodland Road, Bristol, BS8 1TB. Include a cover note that states your full name, student number and the programme you are applying for. Postgraduate Admissions staff will then match your portfolio with your online application. Do NOT send materials to the Music Department address.

When to apply

Applications for the taught programmes are accepted on a rolling basis until the programmes are full.

We will not begin the review of your application until we have recieved both your submitted application and your portfolio.

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