Kimberley Burrows

What motivated you to come to Bristol and do this programme?

Prior to commencing my PhD, I worked as a research assistant within the school. Being able to see firsthand the output and range of research conducted by the other students via symposiums and meetings really motivated me to apply.

What is the key research question of your PhD research project and what have you found out so far?

My PhD explores the genetic contribution of quantitative nucleic acid markers to variation in a range of health and diet phenotypes within large cohort studies. Specifically, I have measured and investigated associations of salivary amylase gene copy number with nutrition, metabolic biomarkers and obesity in children and adults. In addition, I have explored associations of mitochondrial copy number with health as well as quantified cell free plasma mitochondrial DNA in patients who underwent cardiac surgery.

Where do you think your research could lead and what are your future career plans now?

I have enjoyed conducting my PhD and very much wish to pursue a career in academia. I have secured a post doctoral position and my future aim is to develop a research proposal for a fellowship within genetic epidemiology.

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