Hannah Sallis

What motivated you to come to Bristol and do this programme?

The reputation of the University and supervisors, in addition to the structure of the 1+3 programme. The opportunity to spend a year exploring aspects of research I may not otherwise have been exposed to really appealed to me.

What is the key research question of your PhD research project and what have you found out so far?

I am investigating genetic and environmental risk factors for depression in adolescents. Currently I am looking at genetic variants associated with adolescent depression.

Where do you think your research could lead and what are your future career plans now?

Psychiatric disorders in childhood and adolescence can have long term consequences, impacting on both physical and mental health outcomes throughout the life course. I think it is vital that we improve our understanding of the aetiology of these disorders and I hope that my research will contribute to this. After completing my PhD I hope to continue a career in research.

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