Ghazaleh Fatemifar

What motivated you to come to Bristol and do this programme?

The Wellcome Trust 4 Year PhD studentship motivated my application to the University of Bristol. The structure of the programme provided the opportunity to gain additional training in core subject areas, which meant that the transition to a PhD was straightforward.  

What is the key research question of your PhD research project and what have you found out so far?/did you find out?

My PhD was focussed on the genetic and environmental determinants of primary tooth eruption. During the course of my PhD I established that several early life factors were related to primary tooth eruption. The association between maternal smoking during pregnancy and primary tooth eruption was consistent with an intrauterine effect. Primary tooth eruption was also associated with future anthropometric measures of growth and development, with early eruption related to the development of adiposity in later life. Genetic association analyses identified several novel genetic variants associated with primary tooth eruption and suggest that at least part of the relationship between eruption and anthropometric measures at later ages is a result of genetic factors.

Where do you think your research could lead and what are your future career plans now?/ Where did your research lead and what are your future career plans?

I have published findings from my thesis in several peer reviewed journals. Currently I am working as a research fellow at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I plan to continue my research at the school and apply for a fellowship in the near future. 

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