Richard Martin

What is your general research area?

My current principal areas of research are:

  • prostate cancer aetiology (with a focus on metabolic factors such as the IGF system), predicting its progression and secondary and tertiary prevention of the disease via population-based screening and low-toxicity nutritional and lifestyle interventions;
  • the short- and long-term child and adult health effects of breastfeeding and early growth;
  • uncovering unexpected beneficial and adverse effects of commonly prescribed drugs through pharmaco-epidemiological studies based on automated clinical databases such as the UK GPRD.

What is special about our WT programme?

Its multidisciplinary nature, using cutting edge technology and measures, with a very popular foundation training year, involving both experiential and directly taught learning through a series of short courses and focused mini-projects.

Why do you contribute to this PhD programme?

I am thrilled to be involved in this novel programme, as it attracts the very brightest scientists to do cutting edge molecular epidemiology and I learn as much from them as they do from me.

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