April Hartley. I received the Bone Research Society ‘New Investigator’ award 2018.

Monika Frysz. Travel grant awarded for top scoring abstract, "Investigating the influence of adult hip shape genetic variants across the life course: findings from a population-based study in adolescents", presented during plenary orals session at ASBMR conference, Montréal, Québec, Canada. September 2018.

Monika Frysz. Poster award at the ASBMR pre-meeting symposium in Montréal, Québec, Canada, 2018.

Kaitlin Wade. I won the MRC-IEU Public Engagement award for Inspiring Leadership in May 2018. 


April Hartley. I received the New Investigator award from the Bone Research Society.

April Hartley. I received an award for best oral communication at the BRS conference awarded by The Bone Research Society.

Monika Frysz. I received the  Young Investigator Award for submitting a top scoring abstract.

Monika Frysz. Received the Young Investigator Award for submitting a top scoring abstract: "Bone mineral density is related to proximal femur shape: findings from a cross-sectional study in middle-aged women". Denver, Colorado, USA, Sept 2017. 

Kaitlin Wade.University of Bristol Cancer Research Fund Grant (£2250) – “The human gut microbiome in colorectal cancer: causal effects vs. confounded relationships”.

Kaitlin Wade. I was awarded the Cancer Research UK Research in Engagement Award in the category of Rising Star for my efforts in public engagement. 


Dee Knipe. Photo essay runner-up prize, International Journal of Epidemiology, April 2016.

Dee Knipe. Nominated for best thesis prize by her external examiner for her PhD thesis at her viva in September 2016.

Dee Knipe. Poster award at the 7th Asia Pacific Regional Conference of the International Association for Suicide Prevention Tokyo, Japan.

Caroline Bull. Runner up prize for a poster and presentation at the BACR and ECMC conference in July 2016.The presentation was entitled ‘LDL-lowering and prostate cancer: a Mendelian randomization.

Caroline Bull. Mendelian randomization in the age of large-scale accessible genomics data, 2016, Bristol, United Kingdom. Title: Blood lipids and prostate cancer: a Mendelian randomization study; poster presentation- prize awarded.

Monika Frysz. Best elevator pitch at the UK-RiME (UK Research in Musculoskeletal Epidemiology) showcase on 7.10.2016.

Monika Frysz. Won the young investigator travel grant to attend ASBMR (American Society for Bone and Mineral Research) conference between 16-19 Sept 2016 to present my plenary poster.


Rebecca Richmond. I have been selected to participate in the third Innovation Workshop based on ‘Early Years and Cancer Prevention’ for the CRUK/BUPA Foundation Cancer Prevention Initiative.


Michelle Taylor. Internship at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, Columbia University, New York.

Michelle Taylor. Invited talk at Columbia University: “Assessing the Gateway Hypothesis.”

Rebecca Richmond. Together with a post-doctoral researcher, I have chaired the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit monthly research meetings within the School for the last 12 months.

Rebecca Richmond.   I received a prize for best poster in the Population Health category at the Canadian Perinatal Research Meeting in Banff, Canada.

Rebecca Richmond.   I received a prize for best poster at the University of Bristol Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry Away Day.

Rebecca Richmond.   I have presented my research at several seminars within the School of Social and Community Medicine at the University of Bristol. 

Rebecca Richmond. I have performed peer reviews for manuscripts submitted to PLoS Medicine, PLoS One, International Journal of Epidemiology, Drug and Alcohol Dependence and the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

Rebecca Richmond.   I am a visiting PhD student in the Generation R research group at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where I have been invited to present my research in several seminars. 

Dee Knipe.   I peer reviewed two articles for publication and will be reviewing another shortly.

Dee Knipe.  Invited Talk at Bath Spa University for Women in Science.

Dee Knipe. I am also a tutor to a 17 year old student as part of the Realising Opportunities scheme at the university:

Dee Knipe. I am an honorary postgraduate researcher at the South Asian Clinical Toxicology Research Collaboration (SACTRC) in Sri Lanka.

Dee Knipe. I was a tutor on the logistic regression short course.

Dee Knipe. I am a Comp 1 tutor for the epidemiology revision session for 4th year medical students.

Mary Ward. Runner up poster prize at the Epigenomics of Common Diseases conference in Cambridge in October 2014.


John Kemp. I won the New Investigators Award: 6th International Conference on Child Bone Health, EU.

John Kemp. I won Young Investigator Travel Grant: European Calcified Tissue Society, EU.

Andrew Crawford. While I was visiting the University of Cape Town I was invited to speak at their Human Genetics seminar series. The title of my talk was “EUSARNAD, ALSPAC and antidepressant-induced adverse effects.”

Kaitlin Wade. I won 1st prize poster on "Longitudinal Blood Pressure Genetics" presented at the IEU Launch. 

Kaitlin Wade. I was invited to present the concept of "Mendelian Randomization as a method within conventional epidemiology to remove bias" at the UKMEG Winter Meeting. 

Rebecca Richmond. I gave an invited oral presentation for the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit launch at the University of Bristol.

Rebecca Richmond. I gave an invited lecture to Human Sciences undergraduates at the University of Oxford.

Dee Knipe. I ran a capacity building workshop for database design and management in Sri Lanka. 


Dylan Williams. I successfully completed a 3 month internship, Academy of Medical Sciences, London.

John Kemp. I won theYoung Investigator Travel Grant: American Society of Bone Mineral Research, USA.             

John Kemp. I won the Young Investigators Award: National Osteoporosis Society, UK. 


John Kemp. I won the European Society for Human Genetics Fellowship, EU.


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