Table showing list of Fundamental Cell Biology supervisors
SupervisorsResearch interest keywordsResearch area
Jo Adams extracellular matrix signalling; cell motility; cancer Fundamental Cell Biology
George Banting tetherin; trafficking Fundamental Cell Biology
Mark Bass syndecan-4, Rho small GTPases; cell motility Fundamental Cell Biology
Pete Cullen phospoinositides; trafficking Fundamental Cell Biology
Patty Kuwarbara C-elegansl cytokinesis Fundamental Cell Biology
Jon Lane autophagy Fundamental Cell Biology
Paul Martin wound healing; cancer Fundamental Cell Biology
Harry Mellor Rho small GTPases; cancer Fundamental Cell Biology
Stuart Mundell G-protein coupled receptors; platelets Fundamental Cell Biology
Kate Nobes Eph/ephrins; tumour microenvironment Fundamental Cell Biology
Alastair Poole atherothrombosis Fundamental Cell Biology
David Stephens trafficking; ciliagenesis Fundamental Cell Biology
Ashley Toye trafficking of bicarbonate transporters Fundamental Cell Biology
Paul Verkade visualisation of trafficking/sorting events Fundamental Cell Biology
Mike Ashby neuronal structure and function in development and disease Applied Cell Biology
Nina Balthasar mouse models of energy homeostasis Applied Cell Biology
Ariel Blocker type III secretion of Shigella flexneri Applied Cell Biology
Mark Cannell   Applied Cell Biology
Chrissy Hammond zebrafish model of osteoarthritis Applied Cell Biology
Jonathan Hanley actin regulation in astrocytes Applied Cell Biology
Jeremy Henley Neuronal SUMOylation Applied Cell Biology
James Hodge Parkinson disease in Drosophila Applied Cell Biology
Mark Jepson visualising host-pathogen interactions Applied Cell Biology
Helen Kennedy calcium signalling in the ear Applied Cell Biology
Chris Paraskeva colon cancer Applied Cell Biology
Julian Paton genetic manipulation of respiratory neurones Applied Cell Biology
Daniel Robert mechanosensory cells and hearing Applied Cell Biology
Stefan Roberts gene regulation in development and cancer Applied Cell Biology
David Sheppard cystic fibrosis; primary cilia Applied Cell Biology
Jeremy Tavare GSK3 signalling in cancer Applied Cell Biology
Ann Williams BAG-1 and ER stress Applied Cell Biology
Neil Williams immunity at mucosal surfaces Applied Cell Biology
David Wraith regulating the immune response Applied Cell Biology
Christoph Wuelfing systems imaging of lymphocyte signalling Applied Cell Biology
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