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Inspire Roadshow brings Life and Health Sciences alive for local primary students

22 November 2018

24 students from a local South Bristol primary school were captivated by a Roadshow visit of four staff and postgraduate students in November 2018.

The Year 6 students had the opportunity to do a carousel of 4 different interactive activities designed to complement their recent science lessons about healthy bodies and lifestyle. Staff from the Dental Hospital ran an interactive station about the formation of plaque and the importance of oral hygiene. The students loved getting hands on cleaning bacteria from the giant teeth with a giant toothbrush!

A PhD student from the Clinical Nutrition research group, led a healthy eating station where the student enjoyed learning the basis of good nutrition from the healthy eating mat.

A PhD student from the Bristol Platelet Group, built on the student’s knowledge of heart rates and human anatomy. They enthusiastically worked through the body parts apron, learning about each organ in turn. They also had the chance to use pulse oximeters to measure their own heart rate and oxygen levels. The students enjoyed testing the effect of exercise on their heart rate.

On the final station, the students were taught the basics of CPR using the Annie resus models and were able to have a go themselves. They remarked how hard CPR is and how tired they became from just a short time but how they would be able to have a go if needed or help someone else understand what to do.



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