News in 2019

  • Brain Box Challenge Event Exceeds 3,000th Pupil Milestone 19 July 2019 Primary school children across the West country and beyond have been learning about brain science since 2013 thanks to an award-winning outreach programme led by Dr Dave Turk at the University of Bristol. This week a team led by PhD students Hugo Hammond and James Willmott visited two Year 6 classes at Kingsway primary school in Gloucester. This event marked a significant milestone for this highly acclaimed outreach programme, which has now engaged with more than 3,000 school pupils across the region.
  • Big Bang STEM Engagement Fair in Weston-Super-Mare 2 May 2019 For two days the Winter Gardens in Weston-Super-Mare were transformed with jet engines, VR headsets, kinetic sand, exploding marshmallows and dental bacteria on display. All were there to engage students from local primary and secondary schools, as well as the public. Over 2,000 people attended over the Friday and Saturday with many students coming back on the Saturday with their parents.
  • Inspire Roadshows embark on a journey for National Science Week 20 March 2019 The theme for national science week 2019 (11th-15th March) was journeys, so the Life and Health Sciences Outreach Team worked with multiple primary schools teaching students about the journey of blood. The schools included: Dolphin, Fairlawn, Bannerman Road, Stoke Park, Horfield and Kingfisher seeing over 1400 students in the assemblies.
  • Inspire Roadshow brings Life and Health Sciences alive for local primary students 22 November 2018 24 students from a local South Bristol primary school were captivated by a Roadshow visit of four staff and postgraduate students in November 2018.
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