Science for Life Interactive Roadshows

These roadshows are available virtual or physically and are free to all state schools but priority will be given to schools with high numbers of BAME, Pupil Premium students or aspiring state schools.   

KS5 Roadshows 

Join us for some live, interactive, research focused subject specific roadshow which are designed by PGR students from the Life Science faculty.   They will help students understand how the topics learnt in Biomedicine/science based Level 3 qualifications are directly linked and relevant to real world problems and what scientists are doing to solve them.  Students will gain a more in-depth understanding of that subject area and hear first hand what vital role universities play in resolving global issues and tackling current scientific challenges.   

Examples of roadshow topics include: 

  • Psychology - 'Nature vs Nurture debate' - A look at the research methods used to study this area of developmental psychology  

  • Microbiology- 'Stopping the spread of Superbugs' - Understanding how bacteria become untreatable and the new scientific techniques being used to fight evolution 

  • Neuroscience 'Cracking the memory code' - How the study of information flow at neuronal synaptic helps us understand memory function 

  • Biological Sciences/Engineering - 'Lights that stop bites' - Creating lights that do not attract malaria carrying insects  

As a teacher, you can request a session to be delivered live to your class, please complete this KS5 booking form.  

We also have some sessions available for individual student sign ups which are: 

  1. Tues 1st March 2022 - 4.30-5.30pm - Neuroscience - 'Cracking the memory code' - Understanding how we make memories, from action potentials to neural networks!

  2. Tues 29th March 2022 - 4.30-5.30pm - Microbiology - 'Stopping the spread of Superbugs' - Understanding how bacteria become untreatable and the new scientific techniques being used to fight evolution

  3. Thurs 5th May 2022 - 4.30-5.30pm - Biological Sciences - 'Noise Neighbours' - how man made oceanic noise pollution affects marine life and eco systems

Students can reserve a place by completing this studenform or contact: for more details 

KS4 Roadshows 

Roadshows for these year groups are exciting, interactive, subject specific science sessions that take place in the school classroom and last 45-60 minutes.  They are curriculum led and bring together a small amount of theory with a large amount of hands on activities.  They are designed to help students understand the HE course and career options available to them based on their subject choices.  

Please use this KS4 booking form to see available sessions and request a visit. 

Available sessions include:

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