Usernames and Passwords


  • The same format is used for all new staff, students and associates, but those with older style usernames will retain them.
  • The format is ab12345 made up of two letters, two digits (for the year in which the account is created) and three numerical digits.


  • Members of the University must adhere to the University's regulations for the use of computing facilities.
  • You must not use an identifier (email address / username) allocated to someone else or allow anyone else to use your username or email address.  You must never share your password with anyone - not even the Service Desk

Issue of Passwords

  • Students set their own password when registering on line for the first time
  • Staff can obtain their username from their department and use the self service system for password issue or they can visit the IT Service Desk to obtain their account details.
  • Departments  will provide  information regarding servers or systems they manage where they do not use your UoB credentials

Password advice

  • Advice on passwords can be found on the Information Security website.
  • There are rules on the structure of passwords. These are provided on the forms when creating your password.

Changing Passwords

  • No password changes are enforced.
  • You can change your passwords via the  web form.
  • You can use this form as long as you know your UoB password and can change that and/or your Google password.

Login problems

  • If you cannot log in for any reason, we recommend you check your password and then contact the Service Desk and give them the message the form gives you.