Big Data Week Conference 2017

13 October 2017, 9.00 AM - 13 October 2017, 5.00 PM

155 Bishopsgate, London

This global festival of data is a one day conference bringing you the latest discoveries and showcasing best practices that you can take away for direct implementation.

About Big Data Week

Big Data Week is a worldwide concept of community events focusing on the social, political and technological impacts of data. The aim is to bring together a global community of data professionals, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and new ideas about data.

What's on

  • Data Science, analytics and visualisation 

Data science, data engineering and data visualisation challenges in the wild.

  • Big data architectures: Spark, Hadoop, Security, Cloud

Architectural decisions can make or break a project.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Real-time and IOT projects

Fast moving data and real-time decisions will power our world.

Contact information

For all the information about this event please see Big Data Week.

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