A core Research Network

A core Research Network, boasting an exceptional track record in clinical and commercial translation and entrepreneurship.

Introducing the Network

The Infection and Immunity Research Network studies the mechanisms that cause and spread disease. From emerging infections, spread around the world by modern travel or by environmental change, to chronic inflammatory conditions that strain the resources of first-world economies to breaking point, research in this area has immediate relevance to diseases that affect us all.

One particularly relevant research area is Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), which is an escalating global threat. BristolBridge is a multidisciplinary approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance which aims to provide exciting new research opportunities for outstanding engineering and physical sciences researchers, including those who have never previously felt their work was relevant to AMR. For more information on AMR research, please visit the BristolBridge website.

The Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research supports the Bristol AMR Research StrandBuilding on clear areas of success in antimicrobial resistance (AMR) research across faculties, particularly through the UKRI ‘Tackling AMR’ cross-council funding initiative, and via the global challenges research fund, the strand aims to expand Bristol’s AMR research network, with the objective of developing an interdisciplinary research centre addressing the global challenge of AMR.

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