Infection and Immunity Symposium 2012: Imaging in Infection and Immunity Research

18 April 2012, 1.00 PM - 18 April 2012, 1.00 PM

The Infection and Immunity research theme, in association with the Royal Microscopical Society and British Society for Immunology presents: Imaging in Infection and Immunity Research
Venue: E29, Medical Sciences Building


  • Facundo Batista (CRUK, London Research Institute)
    "Dynamic imaging of lymphocyte activation - from single molecule to living tissue"
  • Wolf Hardt (ETH Zürich)
    "Salmonella diarrhoea: mechanistic insights from high content image-based screening and real time microscopy."
  • Bram Koster (Leiden, NL)
    "Correlative light electron microscopy method developments and their application in pathogen research"
  • Manfred Rohde (Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research, Germany)
    "The "In and Out" of streptococci as visualized by light and electron microscopy"
  • Abigail Woodfin (Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry)
    "Imaging leukocyte extravasation dynamics in vivo"
  • Alice Brown (Imperial College)
    "Super-resolution imaging of the natural killer cell immune synapse"

Please contact Mark Jepson for more information or email to register your attendance.

A poster is available to download (PDF, 115kB)

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