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AIDS Symposium success

22 December 2016

An AIDS Symposium entitled 'Retroviral Cultures: AIDS: Twenty Years On' took place on 1 December 2016 at 2.00pm in the Old Council Chamber, Wills Memorial Building.

It was organised by Dr Andrew Blades and Dr Maria Vaccarella with speakers Corinne Squire and MK Czerwiec and was a great success.

2016 marks the twentieth anniversary of the 11th International AIDS Conference in Vancouver, at which Taiwanese American researcher David Ho and his team revealed new antiretroviral combination therapies to the world.

Twenty years on, the global AIDS pandemic continues, and in the USA there are still 1.2 million people living with HIV.  Cultural representations of HIV/AIDS in America - literature, film, television, art - no longer portray AIDS as a death sentence or as a 'rapture in meaning' (Edmund White); depending on access to healthcare and education, HIV is primarily a manageable long-term health condition.

The symposium asked how American approaches to and representations of HIV/AIDS have changed since 1996, and how they might compare, interact with, or challenge those from elsewhere around the world.

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