Procedure for new role evaluations



1.   Introduction - Evaluation of new role

Divisional Directors/Faculty or School Managers/other relevant managers will identify the need for a new role,or may need to review an existing vacant role.  Managers are advised to contact their HR Manager/Officer for guidance on the process and timescales at the earliest opportunity as it can take longer than anticipated to write a job description. Before a role can be advertised or filled, the job description must be developed and submitted for evaluation.

2. Writing the Job Description

The job description new role form/job description template (Office document, 71kB) and guidance need to be used when writing the job description. Delays may arise where a role has been written without reference to the job description guidance.

When writing the job description, managers are required to consider the following:

For Professional and Administrative family roles:  it is essential that the new role form/job description template is completed in conjunction with the Professional and Administrative Grade Descriptors. The Grade Descriptors have been developed to assist managers in identifying the level/grade of role required, providing typical activities under the main job description template headings for grades D to M. Further information on how to use the Grade Descriptors in conjunction with the new role form/job description template can be found within the Job Description Guidance.

3. Submitting the job description to HR

The completed job description and completed cover sheet should be emailed to the relevant Human Resources Manager/Officer.

When received, the Human Resources Manager/Officer will ensure that the job description template has been completed appropriately, reviewing with the School/Division as necessary, and will consider whether the anticipated grade can be met, though this is not something that can be assured.

4. Submitting the job description to the Reward Team

The Human Resources Manager/Officer will send the final job description to the Reward Team, who will send the job description to the next available UBJES panel. 

UBJES panels currently take place weekly, usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays. The deadline for the Human Resources Manager/Officer to submit a job description is seven working days before the panel is due to take place (for example by Tuesday of the week before the panel, if it is taking place on a Thursday). If volumes are high the job description will go to the next available panel.

Where it has been deemed necessary by the HR Manager/Officer, a Role Expert from the School/Division may be invited to the panel, to help answer any contextual questions.  The input of a Role Expert is particularly helpful where the work is of a specialist nature.

5. Panel meeting

The panel will meet and agree an outcome.  Anomalies within the job description will result in it being sent back to the School/Division for more information.

If the result of the panel’s decision is an outcome on Grade M, a Senior Professional Services panel will then be convened to determine the Grade M Range, using the UBJES methodology. 

6. Notification

On average, it takes 11 working days to reach an evaluation outcome, from when HR send the role to the Reward team in HR, to when the outcome for the role is notified.

The Reward Team will notify the recruiting manager and the Human Resources Manager / Officer of the grade for the role by email.

The School/Division may then proceed to recruit, subject to having secured all relevant approvals.

If the grade for the role is different to the manager’s anticipated grade, it is possible to revise the job description and re-submit to a further job evaluation panel. In order to assist with deciding whether it is appropriate to revise and re-submit the job description, Human Resources can provide additional information on the grade outcome.