The facility includes a research hospital with induction room, surgical facilities, state-of-the-art imaging and post-operative critical care for the large animal patient.

A laboratory and Bio-Bank provide an optimal research environment, while office space and conference facilities complement the centre to facilitate collaboration.

Complete support of your study is available from both the state-of-the-art facilities and the TBRC network of expertise.

Animal husbandry expertise

Co-located, Home Office-approved animal maintenance facilities supplement the facility with husbandry and animal welfare expertise.


  • 3 Tesla MRI
  • Surgical Theatre inclusive of a Cath Lab (NHS type of Hybrid Theatre)
  • Induction room and Intensive Care Unit
  • Laboratory and preclinical Bio-Bank with NHS type Cryo storage systems
  • Research and educational area
  • Seminar/Conference room facilities
  • On-site mid- and long-term maintenance space


  • Enables development of new biomedical treatments/devices
  • Facilitates academic partnership with biomedical industry
  • Delivers state-of-the-art total body in-vivo longitudinal imaging
  • Modern interventional suites operating at NHS standards provide certainty of efficacy
  • Accelerates translation of discoveries to first in-man trials
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