The Faculty Office is based on the 1st floor, 5 Tyndall Avenue, Bristol, BS8 1UD.  For directions see the University's map.

Senior Team:

Professor Jane Norman      Dean of Faculty
Mr Andrew Pearce Faculty Manager
Ms Gayle Hanbury Senior Faculty Assistant to Dean and Faculty Manager
Ms Samantha Herron Senior Faculty Assistant

Faculty Directors:

Professor Sheena Warman Faculty Education Director (Undergraduate)
Professor Astrid Linthorst
Faculty Education Director (Postgraduate)
Professor Tom Gaunt Faculty Education Director (Postgraduate Research)
Ms Annie Noble-Denny Deputy Faculty Education Director (Postgraduate)
Professor Patrick Kehoe Faculty Research Director
Dr Jonathan Ives Faculty Intercalation Director
Dr Liang-Fong Wong Faculty International Director

Education Administration Management & Coordination:

Miss Sarah Wilde                                                Faculty Education Manager - Overall responsibility for Education Administration Processes
  Education Administration Manager - Deputy to Faculty Education Manager
Mrs Jo Bennett Admissions Co-ordinator - Responsible for Open Days and Interviews for Undergraduates
Mrs Wendy Trowsdale Faculty Timetabling and Education Officer - Responsible for timetabling

Postgraduate Team:

Mrs Helen Bridges                                              Graduate Administration Manager - Manager of the Postgraduate Team
Ms Allison Maggs Senior Education Administrator - Responsible for Current Postgraduate Student Records
Mrs Liz Hemmings Postgraduate Admissions Administrator - Responsible for Postgraduate Admissions

Appeals, Registration and Document Requests for Current Students:

MailboxUse Submit academic appeals for consideration by Faculty Education Manager and Education Directors   New and current undergraduate students who require assistance with online registration New and current postgraduate students who require assistance with online registration Queries relating to UG & PG transcripts in Medicine, Dentistry, Anatomy and PG transcripts in Veterinary Sciences. (See also Information for Graduates) Queries relating to UG transcripts in Veterinary Sciences and Veterinary Nursing. (See also Information for Graduates)

Student Referral Form

Complete an online Student Referral Form to make us aware of any concerns about a student's standard of professional behaviour.

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