Staff development

The staff development group is led by Annie Noble, who has an extensive clinical background in paediatric intensive care nursing and is one of the new Programme Directors for the Teaching and Learning Health Professionals (TLHP) Master's programme.

This theme is focused on enhancing existing University staff development opportunities by providing a range of health science education specific seminars and workshops. A series of sessions have been scheduled for the coming year and are open to all by completion of the EventBrite registration. Opportunities will also be taken to showcase examples of excellence and good practice across the Faculty and to highlight some of our many examples of innovation in teaching and learning.

Annual Conference

  • November 2016 saw the first CHSE Conference with a focus on student well-being and resilience.
  • A second conference in September 2017 focused on student health and well-being
  • The third conference in March 2018 focused on developing professional identity.
  • The 2019 conference held in April focused on inclusive teaching and exploring our unconscious bias. This has led to the development of bystander training for academic staff to help them feel more confident in challenging bias against those with protected characteristics from students, staff or patient groups.
  • The 2020 conference is due to be held in March and will focus on Educational Research in the Health Sciences.

Information about all past conferences can be found within the events archive on Blackboard, the link can be found on this page in the section to the right.

As many of our programmes link with external partners our students are often taught by staff who are not employed by the University of Bristol. As such part of the work of this group will be to consider the development needs of such staff.

Our staff development sessions provide an opportunity to bring the Faculty together to share ideas

Annie Noble, Theme lead

Events Archive

You can view information about events that have been previously run in Blackboard. All ordinary and honorary staff are periodically added to the Blackboard course but if you find that you are unable to access the course, please contact us for help.

We regularly add content so if you have been unable to attend a session or would like to look back at the content from a topic that you were particularly interested in, please log into Blackboard.

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