Educational research

The Education Research group is led by Ellayne Fowler who is an educationalist with considerable experience in supporting practitioner research.  Ellayne leads on the dissertation level of the MSc Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals.  Her own research experience is in ethnographic approaches to research and the analysis of language and discourse in post-compulsory settings.

In taking on this role I have two aims:

  1. Take education research to another level creating (eventually) a centre for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in the Health Professions.
  2. Support all pathway 3 staff in undertaking Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

We have explored key themes for an education research strategy for our faculty through a Delphi process.  This identified Assessment and Student Wellbeing as key themes.  Technology Enhanced Learning was also identified, particularly as a research area cross-faculty. 

In order to support staff in education research and to improve the quality of work we have:

  • Worked with the Staff Development Group to offer a series of workshops (Introduction to Education Research, research questions and approaches to education research among them).
  • Worked on ways to seed and support small research groups in schools.
  • Developed help sheets for those undertaking scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Participated in monthly hub meetings with Clinical Teaching Fellows in the Medical Academies to discuss and disseminate research ideas.
  • Continued to explore ways of identifying mentors to support education research in the faculty.

If you want to offer mentoring, join the research group or need help with your own project please contact

Developing innovative teaching and evaluating educational initiatives

Ellayne Fowler, Theme lead
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