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CHSE Prizes 2019

Curr Dev 2019 CHSE prize

Sarah Bain and Joe Hartland collect the CHSE Curriculum Development Prize James Lepoittevin

Staff dev 2019 CHSE prize

Annie Noble and Ellayne Fowler collect the CHSE Staff Development Prize James Lepoittevin

Qual Ass 2019 CHSE prize

Isabelle Cunningham collects the CHSE Quality Assurance Prize James Lepoittevin

20 March 2019

This is the second year we have formally celebrated staff achievements through a Centre for Health Sciences Education award ceremony. Prizes were presented to our winners at the CHSE Conference on 20.03.19 at an event in Senate House. In seeking nominations, we were looking to identify members of staff who have had a major impact on our educational provision in the Faculty, who may not always be formally recognised for their efforts, people who could be thought of as ‘unsung heroes’. Thank you to those who nominated colleagues for these CHSE awards. We had over 20 nominations, all for very worthy nominees, and it has been very difficult to choose the winners. In fact, we couldn’t separate some of our nominees so in a couple of our categories we have more than one award winner.

Curriculum Development
In Curriculum Development there were two awards to our excellent pool of nominees and also an acknowledgement to excellent nominations for Juliet Brown and Jessica Buchan for their tireless work to produce an entirely new consultation skills curriculum for MB21, for Isabelle Cunningham for her superb review of clinical care within the dental curriculum and co-leadership of Year 1 of the exciting new BDS21 programme, and the Veterinary Clinical Demonstrator team of Lucy Bates, Lindsey Gould, Abigail Miles, Ellie Sellers and Sarah O’Shaughnessy for their excellent input to the BVSc programme which includes embedded wellbeing learning for students, developing case-based learning materials, and evaluating and developing the evidence-based veterinary medicine theme. The award winners were:

i) Sarah Bain - for her work in developing a new BSc programme for Dental Hygiene and Therapy to replace the older model of separate Diplomas. The new programme will allow for interprofessional learning with dental students, make a major contribution to widening participation in the Faculty, and has already received a staggering 519 applications for the 12 places on offer in September this year.

ii) Joe Hartland - for his development of the Disability, Diversity and Disadvantage theme in the MBChB programme and taking a lead on patient and public involvement in medical education. Joe has provided stimulating learning experiences for students by getting them to engage with people who have lived experience of disability and/or discrimination.

Assessment and Feedback.
We had fewer nominations in this category than last year which is a bit surprising considering the amazing work we know is going on within the Faculty with respect to Assessment and Feedback as evidenced from our recent PLA workshops – the rest of the university are very keen to learn from us. James Puryer and Konrad Staines were excellent nominees for the superb work they have undertaken in leading major changes to BDS Finals, maintaining the integrity of the degree whilst being fair to students. The award winner was:

Helen Warner - Helen has made a tremendous contribution to delivery of high-quality assessments in the BVSc programme.  As Assessment Manager she has developed systems to support blueprinting and quality assurance of questions, as well as running formal and informal training for more inexperienced staff as they develop their question-writing skills.

Staff Development.
We had a strong nomination in this category for Jonathan Schofield, and his innovative approaches to developing graduates from the MSc in Dental Implantology as mentors and future educators, but we decided there were two winners in this category this year.

i) Ellayne Fowler – I’m sure many people here will attest to Ellayne’s enthusiasm and careful mentorship of many staff in her role as Lecturer in Medical Education and leading contributor to TLHP over many years, to FQT, and to CHSE. However, we are particularly acknowledging Ellayne’s recent work with those who wish to develop skills in pedagogic research.

ii) Annie Noble - Our second prize winner needs no introductions, being the current TLHP programme director, and responsible for the Staff development theme within CHSE which has, over recent years, offered a fantastic range of high-quality staff development sessions.

Quality Assurance.
We had one real stand out nomination in this category, an individual who received no fewer than three nominations. Our winner was:

i) Isabelle Cunningham - Isabelle contributes hugely to quality assurance within the Dental School and Faculty, promoting staff development through her education journal club, advising staff on how to calibrate their gradings on clinic, developing a new system for students to provide feedback on clinical supervisors, and introducing a peer observation system for teaching across the Faculty. Isabelle’s award is very well deserved.

Student Lifecycle.
This is an area where we excel. We had some fantastic nominations this year. Angela Hague, one of last year’s winners in this category, was nominated once again. In fact, such was the strength of the nominations that we decided, once again, to award three awards this year. Our winners were: 

i) The Faculty PG Admissions Team of Allison Maggs, Louise Paton and Liz Hemmings - The team, nominated by the team lead Helen Hampson, now has responsibility for the admissions and record keeping for 20 PGT programmes, as well as all applications into PG research. The members of Helen’s team have shown dedication to their work in an increasingly pressurised environment and despite this have maintained high levels of professionalism and accuracy, not to mention their sense of humour!

ii) Ann Standen - Ann oversees the assessment process at the School to include line management responsibility for student administrators, exam date planning, exam paper administration, exam marking including the moderation and standard setting of all papers and publication of marks to students via Grade Centre. Ann’s best practice for her management of marks has been noted by the wider University and she is now working with SLS team, on behalf of the School, with regard to the new mark management process.

iii) Emma Place - This year Emma helped with student training for a new Element in the BDS programme, the Year 4 Evidence Summary.  This follows on from similar superb work she has undertaken on the BVSc programme on evidence-based veterinary medicine. Emma has provided written formative feedback on the methods section of every dental project this year, as well as face-to-face support to many students.  She patiently attends lengthy Student Staff Liaison Committee meetings to contribute news on the library facilities.  She undoubtedly has the student experience at heart and is a worthy winner of this award.  

Educational Research.
This year we had excellent nominations for James Puryer and Anna Dargue from the Dental school. Our 2019 winner is:

i) The Educational and Anatomical Research Writing Group (EARWiG) in CAA - This team meet regularly to discuss educational research projects and ongoing evaluation of the Foundation Programme that comes under their remit.  Anatomy team members have attended and actively engaged in all the education research training seminars this year.  We look forward to the group developing the profile and reputation of the Centre for pedagogic research in future years. 

Outstanding Contribution award

We want to acknowledge the fantastic work undertaken by two very important and valued ‘unsung heroes’ within the Faculty. It has been a busy year for our two winners of the CHSE Directors award, with student mental health and wellbeing very much at the fore of everyone’s thoughts. I am referring, of course, to Claire Moszoro and Amy Wilkinson Tough, our Faculty Student Advisors. Claire and Amy have excellent understanding of the requirements of the wide range of programmes offered by the Faculty and provide tailored support as required. This academic year they have been critical to facilitating the integration of the new student wellbeing service into support for our students. Both work harmoniously with Senior tutors, and their proactive contributions in SSLC and other meetings has undoubtedly improved the student experience across the Faculty.  In fact, more students than ever have benefitted from Amy and Claire’s expert advice this academic year, including through outreach activities at Langford and the Dental School. Thank you both!

A big well done and thank you to all our worthy nominees and winners!

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