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MB21 Year 2 Ready to Launch

Some of the Year 2 MB21 team enjoying afternoon tea over the Summer before the big launch.

17 September 2018

The count-down is on for the launch of Year 2 of the MB21 Medical Curriculum. After a hugely successful first year of MB21, with the Year 1 team even picking up some well-deserved awards along the way, we are delighted to be launching on such a solid foundation. Year 2 is being co-lead by Professor Judy Harris and Dr David Morgan, alongside Year 2 Administrative Lead Dr Natalie Hawkes. We’ve also recently appointed Dr Zoe Palmer as Teaching Block 1 Lead and Dr Charlotte Bradbury as Teaching Block 2 Lead who will assist Judy and David in their leadership of the year.
A Taste of Year 2
The Year 2 curriculum is a creative and interesting mix of lectures, practical sessions, placements, case-based learning sessions, cross-disciplinary workshops, Q and A panels and talks from inspirational guest speakers. It begins by continuing the thread of teaching in Year 1 on Foundations of Health, Disease and Therapeutics, and moves on to focusing on Disease Processes and Differential Diagnosis in TB2.
The students, who we already know are a quality cohort, showing engagement and enthusiasm throughout Year 1 return for Year 2 this September. They will be welcomed for an introductory day before embarking on an exciting 6 weeks of placement, split between the Effective Consulting Clerkship, and their individual Student Choice placement.
On the Effective Consulting Clerkship, students will shadow clinical staff, learn how to clerk patients and gather drug histories among other things. Based at one of our 7 clinical academies, students will also develop an understanding of the patient journey by being allocated to a specific patient, who they will follow and get to know throughout their clerkship. Many of the student cohort have expressed their excitement at having this exposure to the clinical environment so early on in their programme.
For the Student Choice placement, students have selected from a very large and diverse pool. Based across different disciplines, students will be learning about topics as diverse as ‘Equine Therapy for Autistic Children’, ‘The Healing Power of Plants’, ‘History in Medicine’ and ‘How to Interact with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patients’, to name just a few. There will be an opportunity for them to share all they’ve learnt on placement at a Poster Day in January. We can’t wait to hear how they get on!
Case Based Learning in MB21
Following on from Year 1, case-based learning (CBL) will provide an important mechanism for student learning in Year 2. We are delighted to have recruited an additional 40+ staff members to be case facilitators for Year 2. They will facilitate groups of 10 students, guiding and nurturing their learning through 12 different cases. We found in Year 1 that the student groups really bonded through their CBL sessions, with each other and their facilitators, helping to foster a sense community within a large year group, and an even larger programme. We’re pleased that the students will continue in these same groups as they journey through the Year 2 cases.
Thank you!
An enormous amount of work has gone into preparing Year 2 of MB21. We are particularly grateful to the work of Professor Judy Harris and Dr Judith Fox on their leadership of the early development of Year 2, and then the continued hard work of Judy alongside Dr David Morgan, Natalie Hawkes and Alex Tidman to get the programme to the point of implementation. There are too many people to mention our gratitude to here by name but thank you to those of you who have contributed tirelessly to see the continued success of MB21; we couldn’t have done it without you.

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