How to prepare for a Faculty Quality Team visit

How to prepare for a Faculty Quality Team (FQT) visit

There will be no face to face visits and the quality assurance process will consist of a paper-based review. The University is interested in the quality of education in Schools, specifically its development and monitoring of the School’s Educations Action Plans (EAP).  Health Sciences FQT focus on specific programmes each year, but this will be viewed in the context of each School EAP. 

Each School will be monitored on an annual basis.

Programme Leads or Year Leads will be informed of their selection for FQT focus by a letter from the Faculty Office.  An academic staff member and a student quality reviewer, ideally from a different School, will be assigned selected programmes to consider.

Organisation of the documentation

The FQT administrator will contact programme directors to ask for a short Proforma to be completed and returned by email. The team will already have access to:

  • School Education Action Plan (EAP)
  • External Examiner Reports
  • Student Surveys: YBS/NSS results for taught courses and PRES for PGR
  • Programme Catalogue entry

You will be expected to arrange Blackboard access for the FQT so that they have the student-eye view of the course. You may also provide and return the following, if they are not already available in Blackboard to review:

  • SSLC Minutes
  • Responses to Student Feedback “You said…, We did…”
  • Unit/ Course Handbooks
  • Course Meeting Minutes
  • APR Documents

Face to Face or telephone discussion

The FQT members may have questions about the EAP and other documentation.  They may contact programme directors to arrange a half hour meeting or brief telephone conversation.

The student quality reviewer may wish to contact students via email, social media or face-to-face. It may be efficient to invite the student quality reviewer to a Student-Staff Liaison Committee meeting.

The FQT report

The FQT members will write a brief report giving points for commendation and points for consideration. The report may highlight particular individuals for commendation.

Your responses and actions

On receipt of the FQT initial visit report, the Programme Director should respond with corrections, comments or approval within 1 month

A follow up report detailing planned actions or actions taken in response to FQT recommendations should be provided by the end of the academic year and discussed in relation to the School’s EAP.

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