How to apply for funding to run a small educational project

With the establishment of the Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching (BILT), the University is making significant funds available for the enhancement of education.

This builds on the University’s previous Teaching Fellowships and Teaching Development Grants.

It is possible to apply for several types of awards, each with specific themes, funding amounts and purposes:

Discretionary Seedcorn Funding

Discretionary Seedcorn Funding (DSF) has been added to BILT’s funding portfolio to provide staff with an opportunity to access responsive and agile funding outside of specified themes, allowing staff the freedom to explore and experiment with short projects in new areas of teaching and learning.

Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund brings together educational expertise from across the university to deliver high-quality knowledge, practice and recommendations focusing on specific themes.

Teaching Innovation Grants

The Teaching Innovation Grants makes smaller grants available to support teaching innovation and development within schools and programmes.

University Teaching Fellowships

The University Teaching Fellowships support individuals in developing their scholarly research and allow members of staff a dedicated period of time to implement a well-defined research plan.

Funds are awarded via an open application process and the scheme is managed by Bristol Institute for Learning and Teaching. 

You can review the above links for information on how to apply or contact BILT for further information.

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