Sustainability is part of everything we do: our research, our curricula, our buildings and the student experience.

The University has a long history of sustainability action, winning numerous awards for its work. Bristol was the first UK city with European Green Capital status in 2015 and our community played a large role in helping the city deliver this. Sustainability remains one of the central strands shaping the University's vision of the future.

Moving forward, we will continue to embed sustainability in our teaching, build multidisciplinary communities of expert researchers and manage our spaces responsibly for all to enjoy. Working and researching together, we can build a greener, more sustainable future.


We have made four key pledges in order to ensure our continuing commitment to sustainability.


Our recent achievements demonstrate how we are making our sustainability pledges a reality.

What we're doing

Find out what we're doing and how the Sustainability team manages our environmental responsibilities.

Get involved

Students and staff can get involved with our sustainability initiatives and reduce their environmental impact.


To all our Green Impact Award winners.

Cabot Institute

Developing multidisciplinary research programmes to tackle the challenges of uncertain environmental change.

Sustainability in our courses and programmes

Our commitment to a greener future is reflected in our Education for Sustainable Development project and our new education strategy, Bristol Futures

Working in partnership

We are a founding strategic partner of Bristol Green Capital Partnership and of Bristol Health Partners, city-wide membership organisations with sustainability at the heart of their work.

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