Registration for February 2019 graduation is now closed.

Invitation email

If you are potentially eligible to graduate in February 2019 you should expect to receive a graduation invitation email before the end of November 2018, informing you that registration is open online.

If you have not received an invitation email by Monday 26 November and you believe that you are due to graduate in February, please contact the Graduation Office.

Please note that the majority of graduation invitations are sent out before results are known, and we ask that you register your intentions for your graduation ceremony on the assumption that your award is confirmed in time.  

If you have received an invitation email but know that you will not be eligible to graduate in February 2019, please contact the Graduation Office so that we can amend our records and put you forward to the next degree congregation.  Please check our Eligibility page and Information for postgraduate students, if applicable, before contacting us with this information.

How to register

You should complete the online registration form even if you

All postgraduate research candidates should read the Information for postgraduate students before registering. 

To access the form please go to:

You should find the Graduation form under the tab on the left hand side of your Student Info page.   

The registration deadline for February 2019 is Monday 10 December 2018.

Graduands can choose to attend the ceremony, receive their degree in absentia or defer to February 2020.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that students who fail to register by the deadline will be allocated a place at their degree ceremony.  You must complete the registration form even if you do not wish to attend a ceremony.

You should receive an acknowledgement email once your form is submitted.  If you do not receive this email, or if you have any other problems in registering online, please contact the Graduation Office.

Your contact details and official name

Before you graduate you will need to check your contact details and official name:

Name pronunciation

If you think your name could be mispronounced, please complete the name pronunciation form to help us announce it correctly at your graduation ceremony.

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