Certificates and transcripts

If you are attending your graduation ceremony you will receive your degree certificate at the ceremony. 

If you graduate in absentia, your certificate will be posted to your registered home address, after the degree congregation has ended. You can check the address that is currently registered for you at the Home Address link on the left hand side of your Student Info page, and change it there if necessary.  Alternatively you can arrange to collect your certificate in person, or nominate someone to collect it for you, from the Examinations Office, on Friday 22 or Monday 25 February.  If you would like someone to collect it on your behalf you will need to email the Exams Office at exams-office@bristol.ac.uk, giving them the name of the person who will be collecting your certificate for you.  You or your nominee will need to show some identification when collecting your certificate.

Please note that it is not possible to obtain your certificate before you have graduated at a ceremony, either by attending or in your absence, but you can request a verification of award letter which can be used as proof of your degree if required before your certificate is available.

If you defer the conferment of your degree you will receive your certificate at the ceremony at which you graduate and will not be able to obtain it any sooner.  If necesary you can request a verification of award letter in the meantime, via the link above.

The Examinations Office are responsible for issuing degree certificates at your ceremony or posting them out if you graduate in absentia, so please visit their website for further information about receiving your certificate when you graduate, or contact them direct with enquiries.

Verification of awards and replacement degree certificates

The Education Process Improvement and Records Team provide verification of awards and replacement degree certificates.  For further information see the awards, certificates, results and verifications page.  If you have any queries you can contact the Education Process Improvement and Records Team by email at award-verification@bristol.ac.uk.


Transcripts are provided by your faculty office, so please visit the relevant faculty website for details or contact them direct for further information.

Please do not direct enquiries regarding degree certificates, verifications of award or transcripts to the Graduation Office.

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