What we do

The Jean Golding Institute is a central hub for data science and data-intensive research at the University of Bristol.

Founded in 2016 and one of the four University Research Institutes, the JGI connects a multidisciplinary community of experts across the University and beyond. 

What we do

Data driven solutions to societal challenges 

We support a multidisciplinary approach to developing data driven solutions to societal challenges, working with internal and external partners identifying challenges and developing joint research projects. 

Data visualisation and materiality

We support projects that explore how data isconceptualised and how people design ways to imagine, see, feel, taste, understand and experience information by transforming data into knowledge.

Data governance and reproducibility

We support open, accessible science and best practicein research.

Data Science and AI fundamental research

We support the development and dissemination of fundamental research in data science and AI.



Provide data science expertise and advice to researchers at all stages of their careers within the university

Who is Jean Golding?

The Institute, formed in 2016, is named after renowned Emeritus Professor, Jean Golding, a mathematician, epidemiologist and founder of the Children of the 90s cohort study.


The images on our website are inspired by University of Bristol students' data visualisations.

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