EPIC-KITCHENS 2018: A publicly available dataset

The largest dataset in first person (egocentric) vision capturing non-scripted daily activities in peoples' kitchens over multiple days.

EPIC-KITCHENS is a collaboration with the University of Toronto (Canada) and the University of Catania (Italy), led by the University of Bristol to collect and annotate the largest (over 10 million frames) dataset, capturing 32 individuals in their own homes, over several consecutive days.  

The dataset was collected in 4 different countries and was narrated in 6 languages to assist in vision and language challenges. It offers a series of challenges from object recognition to action prediction and activity modelling in non-scripted realistic daily setting. 

The size of publicly available datasets is crucial to the progress of this field, which is of prime importance to robotics, healthcare and augmented reality. 

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